Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ferry from Port Klang to Dumai

Crossing the busy sea lane of Malacca Straits by ferry is something which most travellers avoided in view of the availability of many budget airlines.

Unfortunately the port city of Dumai in the eastern coast of central Sumatera Island in Indonesia do not have an airport so the best option is via the availability of ferry services operated by Tunas Rupat Follow Me Express at counter 2 Level 1 at Port Klang Harbour City which is the legal entry and exit point.
Directing ticketing and booking telephone:03-31677186/016-2902511(mimie)

Ferry To Dumai available only Monday,Wednesday,Friday
Fare Price:
One Way-adult RM110 To&Fro-RM170
One Way-Children RM55.00 To&Fro-RM85
Departure Time:10:30am Malaysian Time,To confirm boarding 2 hours before departure.
Boarding Pass WILL only be issued on the departure day itself.

Departing passengers have to pay an extra RM20 being the port charges.
(breakdown RM15 passenger terminal charges + RM5 miscellaneous)
Quite a hefty charges by this privatized company. compared to departure port tax in Dumai which was just 20,000 Rupiah
Please note that the return ticket is an open date valid for 6(six) months and non refundable.

Asa Niaga Shipping and Forwarding Company which is the owner of Port Klang Harbour City  has a servicing counter also on level 1 at the port terminal.

This morning took a 07:00am  bus, company  name 'Causeway Link' which was waiting across the road in front of Kuala Lumpur Central market.(short distance before LRT station)  Fare:RM3.00.Walking distance to port on arrival at Klang Bus Terminal was less than a kilometre.
It's an hour's journey and the weather was fine initially.A sudden rainfall at the port terminal was rather unwelcoming as this will be my first trip using the cross straits.
Travellers  heading to Port Klang Harbour can also use the KTM train services which stop less than 500 metres from the harbour's ferry terminal.
Fares :from RM1.70,journey duration 1 hour(train half hourly avail)
Where to embark?1) old train station building near the National Mosque  2) Opposite the SOGO Mall. 3)KL Sentral 4)Sentul-Port Klang KTM line.

It's boarding time and luckily the rain has stopped which otherwise passengers will have to bear with the rain as there won't be a covered shed at the jetty's end to get into the ferry.
Immigration section has now modernised compared to previous old jetty which has security lax where officials and illegals have a field day.
The porous coastline of Malaysia provides easy access to illegal immigrants and smugglers.
No wonder the ferry services to Dumai is no more on daily basis as port procedures have tightened.

 Ferry to Tanjong Balai Asahan,further north of Dumai city,operated by Aero Speed Ferry Services.
There will be no visa-on-arrival for foreign tourists apart from ASEAN members countries visitors.
Tanjong Balai Asahan is nearer to Medan,about 4 hours bus journey and 2 hours to Lake Toba.
From Dumai by bus to Medan takes about 10 hours.

Vessel name:Malaysia Express 1
Type:-Passenger ferry
View of lower deck.
Fully air conditioned,fare price includes snack and mineral water.
Unadvisable to travel during the Muslim holidays as heavy bookings are a norm.
During off seasons,travellers can just come to the harbour terminal and buy on the spot,remember 2 hours before departure as the operators will have to submit a manifest list to harbour master.

View of entry to upper deck,while the toilets are only at the central deck on the front and back.
According to Dumai Express which I took on my returning journey,there are about 265 adults and 44 children lifejackets.
Dumai Express did demonstrate how to use a life jacket while the Malaysian Express did nothing.
Somewhere during mid journey, Malaysian Express nearly stalled and the aircondition malfunctioned.
Imagine passengers on the lower deck were sweating as if in a sauna room.

At about 2:00pm,arrived in Dumai port city after leaving Port Klang terminal at about 11:30am,so it's about two half hour journey.
Immigration formality includes fingerprints scan.
On exiting this small terminal,there won't be any bus services nor touts.
Travellers can just pay for "ojek"(motorcycle taxis) to respective destinations.Private vans ("sopir") are also available.
Please note that the office of Indomal Express is at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman,about 3km from ferry terminal same row as City Hotel and Comfort Hotel.Grand Zuri Hotel is after the traffic circle from here.All within walking distance in town centre.
If you have bought a return ticket,a free bus ride to the ferry terminal is provided at 9:00am sharp so make sure you check in and get the boarding pass before this time.

A look at the Ferry Tariff charges from DUMAI:
Bengkalis:85,000 Rp(adult) 45,000Rp(child)

Selat Panjang:190,000Rp(adult) 95,000Rp(child)

Tanjung Samak:250,000Rp(adult) 125,000Rp(child)

Tanjung Balai Karimun:270,000(adult) 135,000(child)

Batam:320,000(adult) 160,000(child)

Tanjung Pinang:380,000Rp(adult) 190,000(child)

Dumai To Port Klang(Malaysia):12:00pm WIB
Port Klang To Dumai:09:00am WIB
Adult return:570,000Rp
adult one way ticket:310,000Rp

Children return:290,000Rp
children one way ticket:160,000Rp

*WIB-West Indonesia Time (same as Thailand,Laos & Cambodia)

departure time:
Dumai To Port Dickson(Malaysia):11:00am WIB

Port Dickson To Dumai:09:00am WIB

Adult return:570,000Rp  one way:310,000Rp

children return:290,000Rp  One Way:160,000Rp.



  1. Thanks for that! Very informative.

  2. Thank you for posting all of this great information. It helped me out a lot. I ended up booking a seat with Aero Speed Ferry Services from Port Klang to Tanjung Balai. As you pointed out, you need to have a visa for Indonesia to travel on this ferry. There is no visa on arrival in Tanjung Balai. (I got a 60-day tourist visa at the Indonesian embassy in Penang.) The ticket cost RM 115. Aero Speed has a ferry leaving every day (I believe) at 11:00 a.m.

    The schedule for the Tunas Rupat Follow Me Express ferry appears to have changed since you posted this information. Their website says that the ferry from Port Klang to Dumai leaves every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10 a.m. The clerk at their ticket counter confirmed that.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi! We are doing an overland trip from italy to bali. 8m really struggling with information on traveling from dumai to pekanbaru. Apparently there are no buses and a taxi seems to expensive. Can you suggest anything? Thankyou, dan

  4. Hi, im struggleing to find inf on visas for the port in dumai. We are an italian and uk nationals. Do you know if its visa on arrival? Thanks